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Top 10 UK FMCG Brands in Digital

By: Julia Passenberger | Feb 26, 2020

As competition among fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands intensifies and private labels continue to dominate retailers’ search and category pages, Index brands must shift their digital marketing efforts to preserve and grow their online presence. While pockets of digital maturity exist among FMCG brands, 40% of those analyzed fall in the Challenged or Feeble class. The top ten brands in this year’s Digital IQ Index: FMCG UK have strategically leveraged site content and experience, and media investments across all channels, to stand out from their peers. 

1. Philips
Digital IQ: 141

Philips climbs to the top of the Index with a strong performance across all dimensions. The brand hosts best-in-class search & navigation functionalities on site, which includes a sophisticated product comparison tool to aid the decision-making process. Substantial investment has been placed on nonbranded Google Shopping ads to drive customers further down the funnel across channels.

2. Pampers
Digital IQ: 141

Pampers shines on retailer platforms with one of the highest visibilities across retailer search and category pages—specifically, on Boots, Ocado and Asda. Its “Thank You Midwife” campaign contributed to a strong performance on web advertising, raising consumer awareness of the brand. 

3. Oral-B
Digital IQ: 139

Oral-B records the highest organic visibility on Amazon nonbranded search and invests heavily in sponsored brand ads to actively defend branded keywords from competitors. Oral-B also successfully leverages electric toothbrush keywords to lead the Index in YouTube search.

4. Gillette
Digital IQ: 135

Gillette strives for top-of-mind awareness by investing in static display advertisement, with its ad impressions outranking the entire Index on both desktop and mobile. Its newly launched DTC website includes key features to ease the purchase process like cross-selling from cart and expedited payment options.

5. Nivea
Digital IQ: 134

Nivea is one of the top performers on Facebook. It claims the highest engagement per post thanks to its videos garnering nearly five times the interactions of image posts. On site, Nivea’s product pages incorporate how-to content to increase customer dwell time.

Nivea provides a sophisticated search function, which presents both products and content on results pages.

6. L’Oréal Paris
Digital IQ: 133 

L’Oréal Paris boasts extensive guided selling content on its website; how-to tutorials and videos consistently link to product pages to drive customers down the purchase funnel.

7. Persil
Digital IQ: 131

Persil excels in organic Google search visibility for nonbranded laundry keywords by optimizing its site backend through a high number of backlinks from the sports clubs it sponsors.

8. Dove
Digital IQ: 130

Dove gains the second-highest interactions per post on Instagram. Top-performing video posts use purpose marketing to promote important initiatives such as its breast cancer awareness campaign.  

8. Colgate
Digital IQ: 130

Colgate secures high visibility on retailers Asda, Tesco and Boots, and leverages their outsize scale through Google text ads.

10. Braun
Digital IQ: 128

Braun outperforms on Amazon-branded search by dominating sponsored products against its own keywords to own nearly 100% of ads on those search pages. 

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