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Top 10 UK Food Brands in Digital

By: Kaloyan Ganev | Sep 11, 2019

In a growing e-commerce grocery market with multiple established retailers flexing their digital muscles, brands need to employ top-notch strategies to stay ahead of competitors. The top ten brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food UK skillfully navigate e-tailer platforms teeming with private label lines.

  1. Twinings
    Digital IQ: 148

Twining’s tops the ranking with the highest ownership of branded keywords on both organic and paid mobile Google search. It also has a plethora of site content that helps it excel on generic high-volume nonbranded keywords such as “tea” and “earl grey”. 

2. Birds Eye
Digital IQ: 141

Birds Eye’s website boasts best-in-class recipe content, which is easy to navigate via multiple filtering options. Birds Eye is also a category leader in organic and Shopping Ad visibility on nonbranded search. 

3. Cadbury
Digital IQ: 139

Cadbury found its sweet spot on e-tailers as it achieves the highest visibility on confectionery category pages across platforms while receiving a massive lift in Google Shopping Ad visibility from Amazon. 

4. Knorr
Digital IQ: 135

Knorr is the Index winner on Amazon, driven by substantial investment in Sponsored Brands and Products, and a varied product portfolio on the e-tailer. It is also one of the few brands leveraging text ads on both branded and nonbranded keywords on Google.

5. Nescafé
Digital IQ: 132

Nescafé’s ongoing investment in its Twitter account places it in the top five for highest number of proactive posts in the Index. The brand’s approach to Google text ads has also secured its third place for nonbranded search visibility, without the help of e-tailers. 

6. Warburtons
Digital IQ: 130

Warburtons boasts the highest search and category page visibility on Tesco within the bread category and ranks second in the Index. Its similar performance on Asda places it among the top performing brands on e-tailer platforms. 

7. Heinz
Digital IQ: 126

Heinz leverages display ads on desktop and mobile to stay top-of-mind for consumers. The brand accompanies that with a consistent presence across e-tailers, especially on search page results.

8. Ben & Jerry’s
Digital IQ: 123

Ben & Jerry’s excels on social media with its consistent engaging content and community growth across all platforms

9. Lindt
Digital IQ: 121

Lindt’s new product launch display campaign pushed the brand to top the Index in mobile static impressions, attracting more eyeballs than some e-tailers managed to get within the analyzed period.

  1. Yeo Valley
    Digital IQ: 121

Yeo Valley’s “yeokens” (redeemable tokens) are more sought after by consumers than “yoghurt” on Google search in the U.K. Ownership of that, and all its other branded keywords, lifted  Yeo Valley’s branded search score to the top of the Index.