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Top 10 Watch & Jewelry Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 20, 2019

Digital competence in the watches and jewelry sector remains low, allowing digitally-native newcomers, pre-owned and gray market sites, and retailers to outperform older brands on key digital touchpoints like search and site experience. The top ten brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Watches & Jewelry Global have had to bulk up on digital investments to maintain brand awareness and evaluate the user experience on the customer’s quickly changing online journey.

1. Cartier
Digital IQ: 147

Cartier clocks in at number one this year thanks to improved omnichannel capabilities, overnight shipping, and the addition of more store-specific information on product pages. The company boasts a „strong defense of lower-funnel brand keyword terms through shopping ad investments across geographies and is also a top five investor in display advertising this year. „Meanwhile, Cartier’s Instagram continues to remain a core strength, with eight million followers and top-tier engagement, despite having been slow to adopt the Story feature.

2. Tiffany & Co.
Digital IQ: 144

The little blue brand boasts newly improved product pages with 360-degree product views and videos. It ticks off several points for customer convenience, including integration of its appointment booking feature into its store locator. Tiffany & Co. also leads in YouTube pre-roll ads and garners top-tier engagement across all social media channels. „

3. Bulgari
Digital IQ: 141

Continued investments in its site, including increased product imagery, the inclusion of live chat during check-out, and removal of thresholds on free shipping helped Bulgari bag a spot in this year’s top ten. Its video advertising campaign for “To B or not to B” supplements already robust branded search campaigns.„ The brand is also one of the busiest users of Instagram Stories and sees some of the most engagement across all channels as compared to its peers.

4. Pandora
Digital IQ: 139

Despite its lack of live chat, Pandora pushes ahead with a strong on-site experience complete with feature-rich keyword search and visual filters. The bauble brand boasts the largest email list in Gartner L2’s study and is also one of the few jewelry brands that see significant visibility through category search. On social media, its Instagram collaboration with Disney performed particularly well. Additionally, Pandora kept sharp by leaning into mobile web advertising during key holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

5. Swarovski
Digital IQ: 135

Swarovski cuts a clean website thanks to intuitive navigation with visual filters, plus a store locator that details available brands services and product categories, incentivizing in-store visits. A collaboration with Karlie Kloss yielded „huge YouTube viewership, while the brand continues to see top ten engagement on Instagram.

6. TAG Heuer
Digital IQ: 131

TAG Heuer rises to the top as the only brand in Gartner L2’s study to offer same-day shipping. Additionally, increased investments in display advertising and strong reach through social media, particularly YouTube, help it maintain discoverability and digital prowess.

7. Alex and Ani
Digital IQ: 130

Mall brand Alex and Ani gave the wellness trend a spin with a new product quiz in which users can find out things like their “soul number”, “power animal” and “personal blueprint”. Alex and Ani also amplifies itself with strong visibility on unbranded search and was an early adopter of showcase ads.

7. David Yurman
Digital IQ: 130

To drive in-store traffic from a digital touchpoint, David Yurman debuted a new appointment booking feature. The brand also thrived with best-in-class one-page checkout, auto-completed fields, and free expedited shipping for impatient shoppers.

9. Kendra Scott
Digital IQ: 129

Kendra Scott shined as a leader in shopping ad investment. The digital native is also an early adopter of shoppable Instagram Stories, outperforming its peers in both Story frequency and volume. Stories are adorned with engaging features such as stickers and product giveaways.

10. Van Cleef & Arpels
Digital IQ: 128

Van Cleef & Arpels rounds out this year’s top ten with improved shoppability of on-site content and added live chat. Additionally, the brand sees high email open rates and keeps omnichannel in check with an appointment booking feature.