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Top 10 Wealth Management Brands in Digital

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Nov 16, 2018

Financial institutions are failing to prioritize emerging affluents, even as they rapidly expand their share of national wealth, creating a gap between customer expectations and existing services. Fintech disruptors are stepping in to court millennials and Gen Xers, and legacy wealth management brands are responding by launching tech‑centric offerings galore. The top ten brands in Gartner L2’s first Digital IQ Index: Wealth Management deploy high-tech, high-touch offerings as a hedge against the perceived threat from fintechs in light of the fast-evolving financial field.

1. Fidelity
Digital IQ: 145

Fidelity flies high with a comprehensive site experience including fully searchable product pages and a branch locator tool that checks all the boxes. The brand blew its peers out of the water in traffic numbers on both desktop and mobile and earned the highest organic visibility on non-branded search terms too. Finally, its dedication to educational content resulted in three times the average interactions on LinkedIn as compared to other tracked brands.

2. Charles Schwab
Digital IQ: 144

Charles Schwab is one of the few legacy brands to make a sizable dent on Instagram in terms of user engagement. Additionally, it reaps the rewards of content investments — video content, numerous related articles and a variety of calls to action are all integrated seamlessly into its site. The strengths of Charles Schwab’s desktop site are also visible on its mobile site, which features best-in-class, mobile-friendly conversion tools.

3. Betterment
Digital IQ: 135

Betterment’s investments in millennial-friendly platforms like Facebook and Instagram pay off in the form of above-average engagement relative to other tracked brands. The online native is the only fintech brand to achieve any sort of visibility on non-branded organic search terms and maintains the same levels of non-branded organic visibility on mobile. Despite not having the typical legacy calls to action, Betterment boasts a well-tailored content hub focused on investing and portfolio management advice.

4. Merrill Lynch
Digital IQ: 132

Merrill Lynch maintains high-quality ad placements with a direct ad buying strategy. The company easily transfers best practices found on its desktop site to its mobile web experience to seamlessly close the loop between content and commerce across both platforms.

5. Northern Trust
Digital IQ: 130

Northern Trust banks on especially high marks in mobile, highlighting the importance of the mobile prospecting experience. At the same time, it is one of only three brands in Gartner L2’s study to receive more impressions for desktop video ads than for desktop display ads.  A consistent social strategy involves posts about local community members, events and Northern Trust’s sponsorship of The Northern Trust PGA event to bolster interactions.

Digital IQ: 130

TIAA’s prioritization of video content results in its ownership of over a third of all YouTube videos amongst tracked brands. Its site is set up to handle brand and service discovery, making it one of only ten brands in Gartner L2’s study to feature auto-suggested search topics. TIAA is also an early adopter of mobile-friendly navigational elements, including branch locator geolocation (adopted by less than 20% of its peers).

5. Wells Fargo
Digital IQ: 130

Wells Fargo feeds off of its retail banking infrastructure results as Gartner L2’s top-performing mobile app. The app thrives with a five-star rating and a spot in the iOS Finance category’s top five.

8. Branch Banking & Trust
Digital IQ: 128

BB&T achieves top engagement on Facebook while promoting only a quarter of applicable posts. The brand is also active on Twitter, where it capitalizes on the platform’s status as a customer service hub to connect with clients.

9. Robinhood
Digital IQ: 127

Robinhood ropes in a spot in the ranking thanks to a series of best practices on Twitter. The mobile-based brokerage deftly balances both customer service and brand strategies on the platform, launching its @AskRobinhood channel at the same time as the brand itself. Since then, @AskRobinhood has tweeted 28,300 times. Robinhood also added a playful edge to its customer service experience by posting helpful GIFs with step-by-step click paths for frequently encountered issues and new features.

10. UBS
Digital IQ: 126

UBS makes the cut with twice the average video ad impressions for its highly successful Life’s Questions campaign, as compared to other tracked brands. The video features a series of pressing questions such as “Is he the one?” and “Will you be OK when I’m gone?” to pull at the heartstrings of viewers and potential clients.