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Topshop Returns

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | Feb 23, 2021

Topshop buffs, rejoice. The fallen fashion brand is back thanks to an acquisition by fellow British label, ASOS.

Once the epitome of aspirational London fashion (even collaborated with Kate Moss to boot), Topshop faced a series of tumultuous events in the past year. Its reputation was torn to tatters thanks to a messy mismanagement scandal, its apparel left asunder as millennials moved on to more elevated labels and Gen Zers flocked to digital and reselling platforms, like ASOS and Poshmark, for their low prices and unique finds. Beyonce, who once boasted a brand in collaboration with Topshop, bid it farewell by the end of 2019. That said, it’s not surprising that Topshop slipped significantly in Gartner’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail, ultimately coming to rest at its lowest point in the Challenged class.

Despite all this, Topshop remained close in the hearts of those who once loved and shopped its affordable takes on runway-ready fits and signature selection of denim silhouettes. Not only will ASOS be bringing Topshop’s original products on, it will also be reviving Topshop sub-brands Miss Selfridge and Topman, although it’s not known when they’ll appear online just yet.

Once upon a time, Topshop was considered a fast fashion innovator. It dazzled digitally, for example, opting for an Instagram-style structure that allowed consumers to toggle between a grid versus single item view on mobile category pages—a smart move that wove in social media familiarity with interface innovation in terms of the user experience. Meanwhile, ASOS shines in site speed and app ratings in the U.K.

Fans can take comfort as ASOS now plans to kick off the brand’s rebirth in a new campaign that covers YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, plus a blanket discount for all Topshop brands.