Daily Insights

Trees for Travel

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 28, 2020

A new initiative by the company dubbed “Hopper Trees” will see Hopper planting up to four trees for every flight and hotel booking made through its app. The initiative is in partnership with nonprofit Eden Reforestation Projects. The company hopes the move will lessen the damaging impact travel has on the environment, predicting that six million trees will be planted from the initiative this year. The brand’s dedicated website details how customers can see the number of trees being planted and in what other ways Hopper recommends being environmentally sustainable while traveling. Creating the environmental incentive when booking flights or hotels could inspire more customers to use Hopper—a differentiation tactic recommended in a Gartner report for hospitality companies.

Hopper is one of the latest booking labels trying to make up for the hefty carbon footprint of the travel industry. The organizational travel app TripIt recently announced that users would be informed of the carbon emissions from each flight they take, as well as be provided an annual flight emissions report in a bid to make travelers aware of the damage being done when flying. Several airlines have also announced plans to offset flight carbon emissions including Qantas, JetBlue, and EasyJet—Qantas has even pledged to reach zero net emissions by 2050. 

Environmental protection is no longer a trend, it’s a necessity. As travel companies take steps to foster a more sustainable future of flight, both globetrotters and brands alike may be inspired to do the same.