Daily Insights

Turn Back the Toy Clock

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 23, 2020

Mattel’s Fisher-Price toy brand turned to Instagram to celebrate its 90th birthday with a virtual toy museum. 

Fisher-Price’s virtual Toy Museum includes 100 exhibits dedicated to its nine decades of toy making and a gift shop where fans can purchase apparel and accessories. The Toy Museum features a mixture of videos and pictures that walk users through each year of Fisher-Price, beginning in the 1930’s and ending at present day. The museum taps into the growing nostalgia trend and could reach consumers right before the start of the holiday shopping season, potentially swaying them to purchase some of Fisher-Price’s iconic toys to give as gifts. The toy maker re-released many of its toys and apparel for a limited time, including its Fisher-Price roller skates, Doctor Doodle t-shirts, and vintage Little People characters that fans can purchase at the gift shop. While fans can tour the museum solely on Instagram, shopping the limited-edition items will take them to Mattel’s Toy Museum website

Museum goers can tour the Toy Museum posts by decade, giving them the chance to reminisce about toys they may have had growing up. The brand’s Instagram posts could also inspire gift shopping, as they highlight toys available for the 2020 season. With e-commerce taking the lead as the holiday shopping channel of choice, engaging shoppers via Instagram and Mattel’s website could help boost toy sales. Turning to Instagram could also help Fisher-Price engage younger consumers, including millennial parents, who are heavy users of social media. As gift giving remains top of mind with social media users, according to a Gartner report, showing off its toys—new and old—could drive consumers to Mattel’s website. The virtual initiative also services the growing demand for toys and puzzles from families stuck at home during the Coronavirus pandemic. While atypical brands, like Heinz and Busch Beer, tried to meet these demands by releasing their own branded puzzles, Fisher-Price’s toy offerings could prove more appealing and familiar to children and families. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, consumers have sought comfort in the brands they loved as children, making Fisher-Price’s Toy Museum primed for nostalgic engagement. By taking consumers on a virtual walk down memory lane, Fisher-Price could restore loyalty with older fans and connect with a new generation of toy enthusiasts.