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Twitter Takes Its Tweets to the Streets

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 29, 2020

Twitter repurposes the words of its own users to encourage mask wearing for the general public. Through a new campaign, the platform brings tweets from users to billboards, boats, and brick walls across the United States. 

Twitter’s new out-of-home push displays comical and eye-catching tweets from users  discussing the benefits of wearing a mask amid the ongoing pandemic. Tweets such as “You want to sit with the cool kids? Wear a mask” and “Think of the mask as a bikini for the face” now adorn billboards in New York City’s Times Square, sidewalks in Seattle, and on floating billboards in Miami Beach. Each city displaying the tweets also received a supply of masks from Twitter, which will be passed out for free to citizens. 

Though Twitter brings its tweets outside of its platform for the new campaign, it’s still keeping masks top of mind online. The social media source created a “mask faced” emoji for use in direct messages and mask-inspired header images that show people the proper way to wear a mask. Lastly, anytime a user likes a tweet that includes the hashtag #WearAMask the “like” button will turn into a mask emoji. The whimsical, but educational campaign could increase Twitter’s engagement rates and lead to higher interactions on the platform, according to a Gartner report on the topic. This marks the second time Twitter has adopted user tweets for a national campaign, following a similar move in support of Black Lives Matter earlier this year where Twitter displayed tweets in public spaces around the country. 

Brands are taking public positions on social issues to meet the demands of consumers, as seen by Twitter’s new campaign. As the Coronavirus pandemic drags on and mask fatigue sets in, Twitter could remind viewers on and offline to keep their sense of humor and their mask handy throughout the crisis.