Daily Insights

Twitter Takes Shopping

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 09, 2019

Thanks to new partnerships with well known brands, Twitter could be the shopping platform. With one successful product launch with jewelry company Pandora already in the books and two on the horizon, Twitter is primed to become the next best place to get a first look at coveted products. 

For the launch of its new jewelry collection, Pandora Reflections, the jewelry brand turned to Twitter to target 18-54 year old women for the release. By using many of Twitter’s in-app features such as tweet polls and short branded video tweets, Pandora was able to captivate its target market in a simple, but engaging manner. The marketing ploy proved successful, with Pandora agreeing to work with Twitter on two more product launches in the near future. 

A Gartner L2 report found that Instagram is the most used social media platform for promoting luxury goods and jewelry. That said, focusing a product launch on Twitter, as Pandora did, helps the company set itself apart from competitors. 

What makes Twitter the perfect place to sell to users is just how easy it is to reach a vast audience directly. Companies can tweet at specific users and find their ideal customers just by seeing who interacts with the company’s tweets. Brands can look to Pandora for an introduction to selling and standing out on Twitter.