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UGG’s Sweet Shoes

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 08, 2020

Hershey’s teams up with Australian shoe brand UGG to bring fan-favorite candies to consumer closets. 

Hershey’s will bring recognizable colors and candy wrappers to four new pairs of UGG boots, giving consumers an original opportunity to show off their love of sweets. Shoppers can choose from two types of Reese’s boots, a red Twizzler style, and a silver shoe modeled after a Kisses wrapper. The shoes are all limited-edition and feature the names of each candy somewhere on the shoe. Each pair ranges in price from $40-$145 and can be purchased online through Foot Locker. While the boots may serve a slice of nostalgia to adult consumers, UGG is only releasing the shoes in kid’s sizes for now. However, the brand has not announced if the shoes will eventually be made for adults, but given the rise in consumer demand for wistful merchandise during the Coronavirus pandemic, releasing extended sizes could help UGG appeal to a wider, more tuned-in audience. 

Working with Hershey’s could help UGG advance its digital media presence, as the candy brand often leads in consumer engagement across social and digital channels, according to a Gartner report. Additionally, as shoe brands face decreased engagement and demand during the Coronavirus pandemic, the launch of a family friendly line could boost UGG’s sales. Making the UGG-Hershey’s collaboration limited-edition could further build hype and brand awareness for the retailer, particularly as holiday gift shopping goes into full swing. As the shoes are online-only, UGG could see increased engagement from the plethora of holiday consumers choosing e-commerce over in-store gift shopping this year. Furthermore, consumer demand for nostalgic merchandise this year could drum up loyalty for both Herhsey’s and UGG, just as it has for other brands embracing sentimental strategies, like Razor, Little Debbie, and Fisher-Price

UGG’s new candy-coated kicks could strengthen relevance and loyalty with consumers. Additionally, the collaboration allows Hershey’s to expand its presence beyond the candy aisle and set the stage for future nostalgia-flavored opportunities.