Daily Insights

Ulta’s New Target

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 12, 2020

A glitzy new retail partnership means customers can shop Target and Ulta at the same time.

Target and Ulta’s new collaboration will see mini Ulta stores placed inside Targets, giving shoppers access to hundreds of new beauty products. The stores will open in the second half of 2021, with Target already planning to place Ulta’s in 100 existing stores. The shop-in-shop will be 1,000 square feet and will highlight both existing and emerging beauty brands often only sold at Ulta. Shopping within Ulta at Target will mirror the experience consumers could get at a typical brick and mortar Ulta location, including employee expertise on products, as Target employees will undergo additional training to become specialized in Ulta’s products.

Target’s website will also be revamped to include its merry new partnership. As such, Target’s fulfillment options will apply to Ulta purchases, meaning shoppers remain eligible for Shipt, pick-up, or free shipping on beauty buys. When users go through the Ulta section of Target’s website, it will resemble the “look and feel” of the beauty retailer’s stand-alone site, so shoppers can peruse items as they normally would. The partnership will also extend to Target’s app, further simplifying the Ulta shopping experience for consumers. As Ulta’s app is top ranked for its social commerce features according to a Gartner report, copying its capabilities onto Target’s app could drive app downloads for the latter. Target plans to add additional Ulta-specific features to its app in the near future, such as try-on capabilities and rewards for Ulta members that shop at Target. 

Creating an omnichannel guest experience like this allows both Target and Ulta to make a play for beauty buyers that could increase sales and traffic. While the partnership could help Target brush up its beauty offerings, it also allows Ulta to interact with a new audience that could potentially turn into loyal cosmetic consumers. Particularly as “beauty hauls” rack up interest on platforms like TikTok, making it easier for consumers to pore over a plethora of beauty products at Target could enhance sales and the retailer’s digital dominance. Additionally, the increased exposure for both brands could further boost their presence in the beauty and retail industry. As Ulta originally planned to open new storefronts before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, working with Target now allows it to increase its physical store presence without the risk of store closures. 

Target and Ulta’s partnership could increase foot and website traffic, while helping both brands expand their image as beauty powerhouses. As the two top retailers team up, the shop-in-shop collaboration could strengthen consumer loyalty and help both Target and Ulta stand out against competitors.