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Uniqlo’s Unique Apparel

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 23, 2020

Re.Uniqlo is a new initiative from retail brand Uniqlo that takes in used and unneeded clothes from customers to transform and resell. The Japanese retailer has accepted recycled and used items at its stores since 2006, but Re.Uniqlo is its first large-scale sustainability program. From September 2019 to March of 2020, Uniqlo recycled over 600,000 down garments. After months of working, the brand is now ready to present its transformed goods. The first remodeled item to hit shelves will be a V-neck, unisex jacket made from 100% recycled down and feather. The sustainable jacket will hit international markets in November, where it can be found online and in-store.

The upcycled unisex jacket is the first of many sustinable products Uniqlo has up its sleeve. The retailer also plans to produce quick-dry polo shirts made from recycled soda bottles and use a modern denim washing method that uses far less water than the traditional way. Similar to its sustainable venture for down and feather, Uniqlo may also roll out a new recycling program for fleece. By increasing the selection of upcycled pieces for sale in store, Uniqlo could attract younger consumers who are more inclined to shop brands that share similar social and sustainable values, according to a Gartner report. To reach its 2.3 million international followers, Uniqlo turned to Instagram to announce the Re.Uniqlo initiative. To further market its push on social media, the brand uses the hashtags #UniqloSustainability and #ReUniqlo

Uniqlo’s unique new sustainability venture could help it set a trend for upcycling in the retail industry. By repurposing past products from its customers, the company could sew deeper connections and loyalties to help further its sustainability goals in the long term.