Daily Insights

United’s State Map

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 30, 2020

With travel restrictions changing regularly, United Airlines created an interactive travel map to keep customers in the loop. 

United launched its new map to give travelers a glimpse at state’s and city’s Coronavirus-related restrictions. The map could help trip planners navigate travel in the new pandemic era by showing where the airline still flies and what regulations travelers have to follow going to and from their destinations. The interactive map lives on United’s website and is color-coded to show which states are closed to visitors, which allow travelers with restrictions, and which states are completely open. United also created a state-by-state list with pandemic updates, such as which states allow indoor dining, if masks are required in public, or if a mandatory quarantine is in place for new visitors. The tool could help travelers feel more prepared when flying and allows them to stay updated on changing rules and regulations. 

The interactive travel map could help United keep customers on its site for longer according to a Gartner report and potentially convince more travelers to plan a trip. Additionally, the map could lead to more repeat visits to United’s app and website as travelers continually check for updated restrictions. United’s map is the latest Coronavirus-related feature to be rolled out, following an announcement in August that it would no longer charge flight change fees during the pandemic. The pledge set off a domino effect within the airline industry, as American and Delta quickly vowed to do the same, which could help the airlines as they work to woo back fliers following a steep decline in travel. United’s map follows a larger trend in the travel industry that has seen brands adjust their digital features to help consumers confidently plan trips during the crisis. Brands such as Delta, Lyft, and Airbnb have recently renovated their services to allow customers to continue travelling safely and while social distancing. 

United keeps connected with potential travelers through its continuously updated U.S. map. Providing consumers with pertinent travel information could help the airline boost its image as a reliable and customer-focused brand, which in turn could keep travelers keen to use its services during and after the pandemic.