Daily Insights

Upgraded App Ordering

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 16, 2020

Taco Bell is personalizing the ordering experience. 

Taco Bell is working with Certona to create a more personalized digital ordering experience by utilizing AI technology and machine learning. Through personalization, the app will show users promotions, menu items, and content most applicable to their preferences. These will be filtered based on a user location, past orders, personal preferences, and restaurant-specific menus and prices. Taco Bell already allows customized meal building among other features that enhance the customer experience, according to a Gartner report on the topic—and furthering the app’s personalization shows Taco Bell is leaning more on mobile ordering to improve consumer satisfaction, rather than in-restaurant experiences like many other restaurant chains. 

Taco Bell hopes the additional app changes will foster greater customer loyalty. A study done by PSFK showed 79% of diners were interested in personalized menu recommendations—a factor Taco Bell seemed to consider when creating recommendations based off of app user’s previous orders. By using an app, Taco Bell hopes to engage with customers throughout the day, rather than the singular time at a drive-thru menu, ultimately creating a more individual experience. 

While some fast-food chains have added AI personalization to drive-thru menus, Taco Bell is relying on smartphones to revamp the ordering experience. Depending on the app could be a strategic advancement that may inspire other restaurants to follow suit.