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Using Amazon for Mobile Marketing

By: Evan Bakker | Jun 05, 2018

Brands are increasingly looking to Amazon as an advertising platform. Mobile display impressions on Amazon.com jumped 68% year-over-year in Q4 2017, compared to just 26% on Walmart.com and flat or declining growth on competing e-tailer sites. Amazon’s success as a mobile marketing engine is due to both its massive mobile-savvy audience and its ability to cull user data to enable refined targeting.

There’s also been a shift from Walmart to Amazon over the past two years in terms of where CPG brands are linking their display ad creatives. A total 40% of CPG brands’ digital web advertisements in 2017 linked to Amazon, up from 2016, while Walmart’s share decreased.

Mobile marketing

Amazon plays a central role in many best-in-class brands’ successful mobile ad campaigns. For example, Subaru deployed highly targeted ads on Amazon, Car Gurus, and other non-sports-related sites in October 2017. On Amazon, the brand created an on-site product page for its new car, the Crosstrek, which included an interactive interior and exterior view of the vehicle.

The brand also purchased banner ads that appeared when customers shopped for tangentially related products such as outdoor equipment. Propane stove searches, for example, would also deliver a Crosstrek banner ad with copy connecting the product to outdoor adventures. During the month of the campaign, Subaru allocated 75% of mobile static display impressions to Amazon, resulting in a high quality score. As a sign of success, Subaru’s site traffic increased 17% month-over-month in October, with more than 55% of visitors arriving via mobile devices.

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