Daily Insights

Verishop’s Video Shop

By: Mackenzie Baker | Jan 04, 2021

Social shopping platform Verishop allows consumers to shop with their friends, even while apart. The brand created “Shop Party”, a new in-app feature that merges shopping with socializing. 

Shop Party allows five friends to virtually shop together at the same time, giving users access to each other’s screens and shopping carts to help mimic an in-person shopping experience. With Shop Party, consumers can access free shipping, free returns, and faster checkouts by downloading Verishop’s app. Consumers that become members of Verishop will also be able to access price guarantees and 24-hour customer service as part of the promotional rollout. By personalizing a user’s shopping experience via virtual hangouts, Verishop could stand out from e-commerce competitors, particularly as online entertainment rises in demand during the Coronavirus pandemic according to a Gartner report. Additionally, making Shop Party  mobile-friendly could help Verishop engage consumers who spend more time on their phones as a way to stay connected while homebound. Shop Party is currently only available on iOS devices, though Verishop could extend the feature to additional devices in the future. 

Before the Coronavirus pandemic shifted consumer shopping habits, Verishop focused on bridging its digital brands to brick and mortar partner locations. However, the rapid shift to online shopping in 2020 saw the e-commerce retailer revert back to its traditional roots, but with an added aim at entertainment experiences. With Shop Party, Verishop could captivate entertainment and socially-starved consumers while highlighting its products and digital capabilities. The feature could also help Verishop’s partner brands get additional exposure, which could lead to more collaborations in the future as well as increased virtual foot traffic. To boost awareness to Shop Party, Verishop released a video on YouTube featuring model Martha Hunt as well as posts on Instagram and Twitter highlighting its extended features. The social media promotions could drive more consumers to its channels as well as lead to a potential rise in app downloads. 

With Shop Party, Verishop follows the lead of platforms like Pinterest and Triller by virtually connecting with groups of consumers leaning into e-commerce during the Coronavirus pandemic. As the holiday shopping season comes to a close, the feature could also help Verishop retain relevance with young shoppers and grow its mobile presence.