Daily Insights

Versace on the Rise

By: Emma Ward | Jan 22, 2018

2017 marked a year of successes for Versace: a much-talked-about fashion show, a tribute collection paying homage to founder Gianni Versace, a collaboration with Bruno Mars, and Donatella receiving the British Fashion Council’s Fashion Icon of the Year Award. The year also marked a digital growth streak for Versace, as the brand jumped from Average to Gifted in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion.

This year, the house is again in the spotlight with the new season of American Crime Story, focusing on the assassination of founder Gianni Versace. Though the house has called the drama a work of fiction, the attention Versace has been getting is certainly not fiction.

Even before the TV drama renewed buzz about the brand, Versace was strong on social media. The brand scores among the top 10 fashion brands on both Facebook and Instagram, outpacing its rivals. Interactions with Versace’s Instagram account increased by 75% between Q1 and Q4 2017, while the average brand’s interactions rose by only 10%, according to L2’s study. Similarly, Versace’s follower count grew 25%, while the average brand’s followers increased by just 20%. 

Cross-channel adoption

The brand drives traffic down-funnel simply by taking advantage of the platform’s features. Versace consistently posts Instagram Stories and includes swipe-up links driving users to its brand site, in addition to implementing a click-to-email button on its Instagram profile. With a quarter of millennial luxury shoppers indicating that social media is their primary product discovery channel, continued momentum on Instagram will be key for the 40-year-old brand to engage a new generation of consumers.