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Vogue’s Guide to Gift-Giving

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 17, 2019

Fashionistas rejoice! Vogue has opened a holiday shop to deliver extra-stylish Christmas gifts. 

Vogue has launched its first-ever holiday gift shop full of stylish merchandise and retro pieces. The e-commerce boutique will be similar to the digital shop the brand launched for its 125th anniversary, though this new outlet will be centered around holiday gift guides. Items up for grabs include Vogue wrapping paper and coffee table books. The company has also partnered with brands including Shinola, Maisonette, and LouLou Baker to create exclusive items such as bikes, onesies, and playing cards for the shop. The company put an emphasis on designer collaboration for the holiday shop to build buzz around the drop. Luxury retailers have been releasing collaborations more often in the past few years as a way to gain site visibility and social media attention, according to a Gartner L2 report

Vogue is not the only publishing powerhouse to embrace an alternative revenue stream. Oprah’s magazine, O, as well as Good Housekeeping and The Skimm have expanded on traditional gift guides this year, with the latter even opening a pop-up shop in Manhattan for the holidays. The online publishing shops allow the brands to substitute traditional advertising methods and build up good relations with other brand sectors, including  the beauty, fashion, and jewelry industries. 

Vogue is taking readers from the magazine pages to the checkout tab with its new e-commerce shop. Other brands looking to give shoppers luxury holiday items may look to Vogue for how to turn a lavish publication into an enticing gift-guide.