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VR Headsets Face the Music

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 03, 2020

Music fans could soon get the joy of a live concert at the click of a button. 

Using VR headsets, a company called MelodyVR is bringing the live concert experience to viewers anywhere in the world. Although the brand only launched in 2018, it’s catalog of shows features 850 musicians including Kelly Clarkson and Lewis Capaldi. The VR platform can offer viewers points of view and interactions they could never get from attending the concert in person. Users can watch shows through their VR headsets or smartphone app and place themselves in the audience, backstage, behind the sound booth, or on stage with the band. In an effort to build brand awareness, MelodyVR  is highlighting a sample of what concert viewers can enjoy on its social media pages, especially on Instagram according to a Gartner report on the topic. 

Viewers do have to pay to enjoy the immersive VR experience—with $1.99 for a song and $10 for a concert, and beginning this year, MelodyVR will begin selling virtual tickets to live streaming concerts. Currently the company is partnered with four record labels to use artist footage for the VR concerts. VR concerts are rising in popularity as dedicated fans make the effort to watch their favorite artists even when they cannot attend shows in person. Facebook used Oculus—the same company behind MelodyVR’s headsets—to stream a Billie Eilish concert from Madrid last September, while DJ Marshmello held a virtual concert on Fortnite for millions of viewers in early 2019. 

It’s not only the sounds but the sights of the music industry that are evolving. While VR headsets remain a burgeoning trend, zealous music fans could be the push the industry needs to become a tech mainstay.