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Water They Drinking?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 03, 2020

Capri Sun donated five million drinks to students in Illinois, but it’s not juice that kids will be sipping.

Capri Sun’s new We’re Sorry It’s Not Juice campaign supplies school children with filtered water in its classic juice pouches. The initiative helps kids stay hydrated upon returning to school, where many water fountains are off limits due to Coronavirus pandemic restrictions. The tongue-in-cheek campaign instead supplies school children in Illinois with individual packets of water, though the kids may or may not be happy with this gift. 

To promote the campaign, Capri Sun tested out its water packets on a dozen young children, many of whom instantly recognized the classic, silver juice pouches. The brand debuted a new commercial where children sampled their “new flavor”, with many taste-testers facing instant disappointment when they realize they are drinking water instead of a fruity-sweet juice. The ad, running on TV and social media, ends with Capri Sun’s campaign title appearing on screen as a punchline. Filmed at a playground where each child had to socially-distance, the commercial is a reminder that this school year could be filled with unexpected changes. The campaign could represent the unpredictability of 2020 and the unconventional back-to-school season in particular.  

Capri Sun turned to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote the We’re Sorry It’s Not Juice campaign using the hashtag #WaterForSchools. Though the juice brand originally created the initiative for schoolchildren just in Illinois, the effort resonated with parents across the country. Parents of kids returning to in-person learning took to its social channels asking Capri Sun to bring water pouches to more schools across the country. In response, Capri Sun set up a sweepstakes that lets parents submit an entry for their kid’s schools or recreational centers to get free water pouches. While the sweepstakes could help Capri Sun grow its social media presence and stand out amongst other juice brands according to a Gartner report, it also presents a prime opportunity for interacting with families across the country and further spreading its cause to an engaged audience. 

We’re Sorry It’s Not Juice allows Capri Sun help kids across the country in a relatable and comical way. The new initiative could keep Capri Sun top of mind with parents while evolving its image as an all-around beverage brand, rather than solely a juice supplier.