Daily Insights

What Partnerships Mean

By: Nafia Islam | Sep 27, 2019

Just as important as effective handoff from brand sites, spirits brands must evaluate strategies to optimize for e-commerce directly on online retailer platforms.

Shoppers are more likely to directly visit retailer platforms rather than through brand sites, with one-third of desktop visitors landing directly on retailer sites. Brands must make conscious efforts to ensure the best opportunities for capturing and converting consumers there. Brands partnering with online retailers receive better placement on retailer category pages according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic. On average, partner brands rank six positions higher, have 7% more first-page visibility and own 76% more real estate on core category pages. This is especially pertinent in competitive product categories like whiskey, which often have over thirty brands competing to appear top of page.

For example, Cîroc, an official partner of ReserveBar, places in the top three positions and owns 21% of the first page in the competitive vodka category. This allows Cîroc to punch above its weight class and compete directly with brands that have higher overall market share and brand recognition, like Grey Goose and Smirnoff. Furthermore, ReserveBar promoted the brand’s new Summer Watermelon flavor across prominent locations on its site, including a full page banner on the homepage and in primary navigation dropdowns. As a result, Cîroc product pages benefit from an outsized share of traffic, with the brand’s product pages seeing seven times as much traffic as Grey Goose. Its Summer Watermelon vodka flavor stands as the most visited vodka product page on ReserveBar in Q2 2019.

As the online spirits market continues to grow, brands must consider the benefits of directly partnering with online retailers when evaluating e-commerce strategies. Due to higher page placement and better site content integration, partner brands see 4.3 times more traffic to product pages than non-partners—a signal that these brands are more likely to have higher conversion rates.