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When Valentine’s Day Meets Networking

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 13, 2020

Candy company Mars is teaming up with dating app Bumble for a sweet Valentine’s Day treat. 

Candy and chocolate have become synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but Mars put a twist on the classic holiday staples. The brand revived i’s New York City pop-up shop, called the Sweet ReTREAT, open only on February 12th and 13th. With brand partner Bumble, the promotion will include tons of candy and themed events. Guests can partake in a Starburst Nail Service, Lifesavers & Altoids Mint-or and Mint-ee personal branding exercises, and a Dove Chocolate themed “All About You Profile Refresh” where Bumble staff will help guests create the perfect app profile. Tickets were free but had to be reserved on Eventbrite. 

2020 will mark the third year Mars has rolled out the Valentine’s Day pop-up shop, though this year also included special guests and the Bumble partnership. The mission for the company is to help people connect, romantically or not, to match the evolving meaning of Valentine’s Day. The event was heavily promoted on social media, with Mars encouraging fans and guests to use the hashtag #SweetReTREAT and to tag the brand’s social media handles in any posts. Mars traditionally holds a strong enterprise performance on Instagram, according to a Gartner report, where product posts generate strong buzz from its loyal fan base. 

Interactive activations are a growing trend as more brands unite under a common theme. Bumble and Mars merging to create a unique Valentine’s Day experience that goes beyond the typical romantic expressions for the holiday could help deepen engagement with consumers.