Daily Insights

Where Do We Go Now?

By: Cody Stack | Aug 23, 2019

Customer expectations are largely shaped by their interactions with industry leaders like Apple and Samsung, which drives many brands to follow their example regarding site aesthetics and product content. Customer expectations, however, are also shaped by experiences on Amazon and Best Buy, and shopping experiences in more digitally sophisticated industries like beauty and fashion. In this regard, consumer electronics brands still have plenty to learn.

Compared to digital experts like Sephora or Nike, electronics brands often miss the mark in guiding the customer down the purchase funnel. Only 17% of brands tracked in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Consumer Electronics have some form of interactive product finder on their brand sites, compared to 46% of beauty brands. Once a purchase is made, electronics brands do a poor job of incentivizing loyalty. Additionally, only 19% of studied consumer electronics brands have loyalty programs, a much lower adoption rate compared to other industries. For example, 85% of department store brands have loyalty programs on their sites. Even tactics that appear crucial for electronics brands are under-adopted; only 51% allow users to register their products on their sites, seemingly the easiest loyalty step and an opportunity to both capture customer information and drive repeat purchase.

Consumer electronics brands should certainly look to peers and industry leaders for benchmarking purposes, but must urgently look out of category to help identify and understand impactful best practices that customers have come to expect.