Daily Insights

Where Enterprises Are Leaning In

By: Irene Yoon | Jul 29, 2019

As video formats stay relevant across both traditional and digital platforms, legacy home care brands have the opportunity to efficiently scale video assets from TV commercials to digital formats—while also exploring platform-specific trends to generate buzz. 

Of the top twelve videos that accounted for 50% of total YouTube video views among brands tracked in Gartner L2’s report on the topic, 75% were repurposed from TV commercials. Air Wick claimed the most viewed video as well as the highest share of total YouTube video views (15%) across tracked brands, despite falling flat on Instagram. On the other hand, Lysol, another Reckitt Benckiser brand, employs a different tactic by developing original content. It partnered with YouTube mom bloggers to consistently achieve top ten spots by video views in 2017 and 2018. 

Recurring trust issues recently plagued the platform due to ads being served alongside controversial content, resulting in advertiser boycotts. However, YouTube rebounded after promising renewed protections for its advertisers. Share of display ad impressions served on YouTube grew from 7% in 2017 to 28% in 2018, and video view counts also increased 21% year over year. 

With the platform garnering an estimated 1.9 billion users in 2018 and no signs of slowing viewership, brands should continue leveraging it as a vehicle to connect with audiences and find ways to effectively link content across relevant channels. That said, they should tread cautiously on paid display ads while the platform establishes a long-term solution for policing content on its site.