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Where’s the Beef? At Breakfast.

By: Mackenzie Baker | Feb 07, 2020

Fast food restaurant Wendy’s is keeping it fresh, never frozen, all day long. 

Wendy’s announced a new breakfast menu that will be available nationwide beginning March 2. Wendy’s originally began offering breakfast in 1985, but pulled the endeavor after less than a year—but now, thirty-five years later, the brand is ready to deliver the morning meal to customers across the country. Wendy’s will, indubitably, be up against McDonald’s all-day breakfast—but while McDonald’s breakfast sandwich differentiator comes from making sandwiches out of pancakes—Wendy’s will be leaning into biscuits and croissants for its morning grinders. A sample of the breakfast menu includes the Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant, the Breakfast Baconator, and Chocolate or Vanilla Frosty-ccino’s—aka a classic Frosty mixed with cold brew. 

Wendy’s announced the news of a nationwide breakfast menu in classic company style—on Twitter. Over the years, the fast food joint has become known for it’s saucy quips on the platform, even being named a Twitter standout leading in interactions according to a Gartner report on the topic. This time around, Wendy’s made its announcement by replying to a tweet from restaurant rival McDonald’s, garnering responses on the platform from other brands including Bud Light and Target. 

Fast food chains, in general, have seen business slow as consumers strive to eat healthier. However, breakfast has been the one sector to see annual growth in the market and has become the point to conquer for restaurants. Wendy’s plans to invest $20 million in support of the breakfast rollout and eventually see 10% of daily sales coming from breakfast orders. 

Wendy’s new breakfast menu is full of classic favorites with an early-morning twist. The brand’s decision to make breakfast available nationwide shows its dedication to standing out in the fast food market.