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Whirlpool’s Cleaning Class

By: Mackenzie Baker | Apr 27, 2020

Millions of kids are learning from home as the Coronavirus pandemic forced school closures. While parents adjust to these unplanned routines, home appliance brand Whirlpool is stepping in to help. 

Whirlpool’s “Chore Club” campaign was created with exhausted parents in mind. The initiative focuses on making house chores a part of children’s new at-home curriculum, teaching kids everyday skills they can use to help out their parents. Skills including cooking, cleaning, and washing are emphasized in the campaign, with parents able to integrate school lessons into the chores—such as practicing colors when washing clothes or practicing counting when cooking.  The social media-focused campaign is running on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as on the brand’s website

Whirlpool has partnered with popular “Mommy Bloggers” and former Bachelor star Sean Lowe for the Chore Club. Each ambassador posts at-home videos teaching their children different skills with the hashtag #ChoreClub on Instagram. For example, the campaign roll-out featured Lowe teaching his son how to do laundry, with the video receiving 500,000 views within two days. Since the launch, many parents have been creating their own Chore Club lessons on Instagram and Pinterest, sharing examples using the brand hashtag. Though not considered a key social platform, 63% of influencers have a Pinterest account, according to a Gartner report. As well, 80% of Pinterest’s female users are moms, making them a prime audience for Whirlpool’s campaign. 

Whirlpool’s Chore Club gives parents a chance to share routines across social media and gives children a chance to learn lessons they can continually use.