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Whole Foods’ School of Life

By: Mackenzie Baker | Aug 13, 2020

Whole Foods is teaching its own home economics class for novice chefs. The grocer’s new “Home Ec 365” virtual series schools viewers on the tricks of the trade when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. 

Home Ec 365, a series of weekly virtual classes that teach valuable 21st century home skills will be co-hosted by special guest influencers including chef Sophia Roe and lifestyle blogger Jessica Tull. Episodes will revolve around food and cooking, specifically featuring the grocer’s 365 by Whole Foods Market products which students can get exclusive coupons for when they enroll for the series online. Class topics include “Swap-Savvy Baking: Getting Creative with Recipes & Replacements” and “So Fresh & So Clean: How to Effectively Clean Your Appliances”. Whole Foods partnered with online learning platform Teachable to broadcast the free lessons. 

The home-focused sessions could appeal to  millions of consumers spending more time in their kitchens than ever before. With an uptick in home baking and cooking, the grocer’s Home Ec 365 could tap into an already captivated audience. By spotlighting influencers, Whole Foods could connect with their large, loyal followings and potentially convert them into devoted customers. By featuring its own private-label products in each class, Whole Foods could drive viewers into its grocery stores. The brand’s partnership with Amazon could also boost sales according to a Gartner report, as homebound consumers can order Whole Foods products online without having to take a trip to a store.

To promote both its products and classes, Whole Foods is posting sneak peaks of the series on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The brand also released a one minute ad on social and digital media, which gives viewers a glimpse into each class session and the topics covered. Promoting its show across various channels could help Whole Foods reach a wider audience and differentiate its initiative from the handful of other brands launching virtual cooking shows during the pandemic, including Shake Shack and Pinterest

Whole Foods’ new show teaches viewers life skills from home. By working with food and lifestyle influencers, the grocer could build up its brand image and connect with a new audience at-home and in-store.