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Why Brands Need to Personalize Their Apps

By: Evan Bakker | Jun 03, 2019

Recently acquired customers are insignificant to a brand’s long-term top line if they never return.

Therefore, to serve customer retention, brands should round out their app content strategy. Although retail apps suffer from low retention rates, compared to wildly-popular social apps like Instagram, these shortcomings can be mitigated through simple implementations that increase convenience like wish lists and “recently viewed” product carousels.

Indeed, apps with a recently viewed functionality or wish lists have higher app ratings, retention and downloads according to Gartner L2’s report on the topic. Although wish lists are widely adopted across sectors, implicit data capture tools — such as recently viewed carousels — are much less frequently utilized. This is a big miss, considering the browsing time it can save.

To maximize retention, online marketplace Etsy designs its overall app experience based on browsing history and favorited items. Users are greeted with a homepage feed divided into personalized recommendations and editors’ picks. The feed is constantly updated based on recent history and can be refreshed at any time. Shoppers can also access their saved items in the main navigation; if none are chosen, Etsy provides a feed of recommendations. As such, Etsy has a retention rate 14% higher at day five compared to the overall average, and a 26% higher rate by day 30.

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