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Why Do You Recycle at Home?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Nov 25, 2020

PepsiCo unveils its #RecycleAtHome program, marking the largest extension of PepsiCo Recycling, its sustainability initiative launched in 2010. 

The #RecycleAtHome program invites PepsiCo brands including KeVita, Lipton, Izze, and Naked Juice to share sustainability-themed content across their social media channels in a bid to encourage consumers to recycle. The campaign kicked off on November 15, when social media users were encouraged to answer the question “Why do you recycle at home?” for a chance to win a $5,000 cash prize. Consumers could submit their answers via Twitter to any of the participating PepsiCo brands using the hashtag #RecycleAtHomeSweepstakes. In addition to interacting with consumers, the brands also shared recycling facts and PepsiCo statistics to build awareness about sustainability in the beverage industry. #RecycleAtHome also recognizes PepsiCo’s commitments currently underway, including designing its packaging to be 100% recyclable or biodegradable and increasing the recycling content of its plastic packaging by 25%. 

Banding together its brands for #RecycleAtHome allows PepsiCo to put up a united front in the name of sustainability. The campaign is the first time the company has rolled out a unified push for PepsiCo Recycling and comes amidst a rise in sustainability initiatives from other brands looking to connect with eco-conscious consumers. As consumer demand for brand accountability and recycling rises, drawing attention to its decade-old initiative could help PepsiCo boost its image as a sustainability-minded company and grow connections with at-home consumers. #RecylceAtHome includes practical steps to help consumers instill sustainable habits within their own homes, which could further help PepsiCo promote social responsibility with consumers. Additionally, as the campaign runs on social media, PepsiCo could use its campaign hashtag to engage a wider audience and continue the conversation even after the Twitter sweepstakes has ended, according to a Gartner report

With more consumers at home this year, PepsiCo’s sustainability shift could bring increased awareness to the importance of individual recycling. While the #RecycleAtHome program allows PepsiCo to grow its relevance across social media, the campaign could also set the stage for future eco-friendly features on and offline.