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Will Halloween Be Sweet or Scary?

By: Mackenzie Baker | Sep 21, 2020

From cancelled graduation ceremonies to fan-less sports stadiums, the Coronavirus pandemic has turned many traditions into homebound activities. With Halloween quickly approaching, Hershey’s helps parents navigate yet another interrupted celebration. 

Hershey’s joined the Halloween Costume Association to create a dedicated trick-or-treating site that helps Halloween revelers find safe ways to celebrate this year. The “Halloween Like We’ve Never Seen” website provides a color-coded map of the United States where users can search their state and town to see the Coronavirus risk in the area. From there, Hershey’s guides users over safety precautions and state warnings to help them make safe Halloween plans. The candy company dishes out several holiday suggestions depending on a viewer’s area, such as encouraging those in “red-zones” to hold virtual costume parties and Halloween karaoke nights, while those in green zones could attend neighborhood candy hunts or “trick or treat drive bys”. The website also relays safety information for trick-or-treaters to keep top of mind, such as staying six feet away from others, wearing a mask in public, and not going out if you feel sick. 

In addition to Hershey’s, the Halloween Costume Association works with UNICEF and the National Confectioners Association to plan out its holiday ideas. Each company promoted the new guidelines across social media with the hashtags #Halloween2020 and #HalloweenLikeWeveNeverSeen, including on the Halloween Costume Association’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Social media promotion could drive more viewers to the website, while helping partners like Herhsey’s connect with Coronavirus-cautious consumers looking to celebrate in a safe way. As a familiar face in the Halloween candy aisle, Hershey’s could be viewed as a trusted source for holiday consumers, which could lead to leveled-up loyalty and more chances to connect consumers to the site according to a Gartner report on the topic. Additionally, the initiative provides an opportunity for Hershey’s to promote its new collection of Halloween candies, including the new Reese’s Franken-Cup

Halloween masks could be more about safety than scariness this year as the hair-raising holiday coincides with a global health pandemic. Through the Halloween Like We’ve Never Seen site, Hershey’s and the Halloween Costume Association can connect with trick-or-treaters around the country and help them safely satisfy their sweet tooth.