Daily Insights

Wingstop Spreads Its Wings

By: Mackenzie Baker | Mar 17, 2020

Rather than using influencers or models for it’s latest merchandise drop, Wingstop has recruited devoted customers to proudly show off its new merchandise. Rather than paying for traditional advertising, the chicken chain will pay fans to be “walking billboards” by wearing its ad-inspired gear, which includes sweatshirts with blunt copy such as “#ThisIsAnAdForWingstop.” Fans can visit Wingstopwearablebillboards.com, a website designed specifically for the campaign, and register to win a free sweatshirt starting from March 9th. Fans that have received a sweatshirt were asked to post a picture on social media in the apparel, including the hashtag and tagging Wingstop’s account in the caption—fans that do this will be Venmoed $10 by the brand. Posts that go above and beyond are eligible to win other prizes, such as tickets to special events. 

Not only is Wingstop taking its traditional billboard advertising budget and rerouting it to fan advertising, but it’s giving the campaign a strong digital focus. The playful campaign could generate online buzz as fans will be eager to get their hands on the merchandise while spreading brand awareness. Wingstop, which currently ranks  as a Gifted Brand in Gartner”s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants, could effectively promote to its loyal customers through this organic campaign.  

Using customers to generate buzz is not a new marketing tactic, but using them as walking advertisements creates a good-natured strategy that may resonate with Wingstop fans.