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Wingstop Wants to Make You Famous

By: Alizah Asif Farooqi | May 21, 2019

Ever wanted to see your face on a billboard in Times Square? Wingstop wants to make that wish come true in a new campaign that allows fame-hungry consumers to vid-bomb an original commercial for the company. The personalized ad will then be broadcasted on a billboard screen, small screen, and everything in between thanks to the power of what the brand hopes will become a viral sensation. Here’s why the campaign could really take flight in the evolving advertising industry.

The humble chicken wing may not seem like much, but it’s always been a star to Wingstop. Now, the chicken chain is spicing up the script by making fans the stars. As part of its “Where Flavor Gets Its Wings” campaign, Wingstop hosted a “Flavor World” tour at fifteen locations over the past few months where it gave away a wealth of wings to hungry chicken-lovers. It also gave fans the chance to be filmed in front of a green screen using a video app that then transposed them into a 15-second ad to be shared with friends via social media and showcased across a motion billboard in the crossroads of the world itself: Times Square.

Despite the popularity of online couriers providing consumers with a wider range of options, Wingstop has worked hard to get noticed in the category it knows best (chicken) according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants. In the past, it has put customers first by allowing them to choose how many of each flavor they want from a range of dozens of sauces for their wings on its ordering platform, but its latest campaign takes this up a notch. Because it blends a variety of marketing mediums, Wingstop’s campaign could capture consumers of all kinds—on-the-go, on-the-phone, or traveling to New York City—all during the summer, which is when people are more likely to travel and perhaps indulge in a backyard BBQ food like wings. Additionally, mixing real consumers into commercials could add a dash of authenticity to the brand, which is something consumers crave.

By emphasizing wings fans both online and offline, Wingstop could not only improve its customer relations, but its status as the chicken wing king. As such, for brands looking to get a lift in their craft, honing in on the fans of a niche category can make for a tasteful marketing strategy.

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