Daily Insights

Work Perks in a Dash

By: Mackenzie Baker | Oct 14, 2020

With catered meals and company lunches abandoned while employees work from home, DoorDash created a new feature to revive the work perks. 

DoorDash for Work is the food courier’s newest feature whereby businesses provide meal benefits to remote workers. The platform, available on DoorDash’s app and website, includes four product offers a business can choose from. The first is “DashPass For Work” which allows companies to fund a membership for their teams as an employee benefit. The second offer is “Expensed Meals”, where businesses can distribute DoorDash meal credits to employees, which is similar to the third method of “Employee Gift Cards”. The last offer is “Group Orders”, which is designed for employees that have already returned to the office. By making it easier for businesses to feed both remote and in-office workers, DoorDash could give American employees back the benefit 90% have said they miss the most. 

Catering meals to workers could help many businesses boost morale with employees who may be missing many of the traditions of their office. As well, DoorDash For Work could increase sales for restaurants that lost lunchtime orders during the Coronavirus pandemic. For DoorDash, the program could lead to increased app usage and the potential to build loyalty with employees outside of the workday. With delivery couriers like Uber and Instacart also witnessing colossal growth during the Coronavirus pandemic, adapting to consumer work trends could help DoorDash become the go-to service for office workers, according to a Gartner report on the topic. DoorDash For Work could serve as a resolution for businesses looking to accommodate both those returning to the office and those working remotely for the foreseeable future. By offering four different product plans, DoorDash could appeal to nearly any type of office culture, from large tech companies to small retailers. 

Many office employees have been working remotely for nearly eight months now, so providing them with catered meals could renew a semblance of workplace normalcy. Through DoorDash For Work, DoorDash and its restaurant partners could establish an additional revenue channel and serve as a valuable incentive to businesses adapting to modern employee benefits.