Daily Insights

Wrapped Up in Reminiscing

By: Mackenzie Baker | Dec 18, 2020

Spotify’s annual Wrapped campaign returns after a rather atypical year. While the streaming service typically lists a user’s top song insights, this year it puts a positive twist on the personalized reviews. “2020 Wrapped” revolves around resilience as Spotify aims to remind users that music and podcasts helped them get through the rough year. Each user’s Wrapped review pays homage to the artists that kept them “entertained, grounded, and informed” and includes special ads in and outside of the Spotify app. 

The streaming service partnered with the National Independent Venue Association to take over billboards outside of music venues around the U.S. Called the “Circle of Gratitude” push, the out-of-home marketing tactic displays artists and content that did well in different parts of the country. For example, a billboard in NYC shows rapper Pop Smoke next to the yearly insight that his song “Dior” was streamed 4.9 million times in the city this year. The billboards could draw attention to Spotify’s campaign by reminding viewers of songs, podcasts, and artists they’ve enjoyed, which could send them back to the app to relisten and relive. The nostalgia-tinged tactic could convert more consumers into subscribers and increase their time spent on Spotify. As podcast consumption has doubled this year, spotlighting podcasts alongside traditional music could further help Spotify appeal to loyal listeners and differentiate itself from competitors like Apple Music or Amazon Music, according to a Gartner report

2020 Wrapped launched in 31 countries around the world, allowing Spotify to engage millions of users of all ages. The streaming service also extended its marketing to online video, connected TV ads, and digital out-of-home. Additional promotions are on the brand’s Twitter, where it uses the hashtag #2020Wrapped to share engaging insights with followers. Viewers are invited to share their own top songs and playlists using the hashtag, creating an additional engagement opportunity for Spotify that could help it build a presence outside of its app. While the various advertisements could also extend the reach of its campaign it also presents an opportunity for Spotify to retain relevance as demand for at-home entertainment continues to grow amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. 

Putting a positive spin on the increased demand for audio entertainment could help Spotify end the year on a high note. Through its 2020 Wrapped campaign the company could remind users how they helped them get through this time and in turn boost listener loyalty into the new year.