Benchmarking and Diagnostics Drive Strategic Action

Use marketing benchmarks to make critical marketing decisions

Without benchmarks, marketing metrics become meaningless

Marketing benchmarks provide the necessary frame of reference to help assess where you are with respect to your goals. Without them, marketing data analysis becomes meaningless. Marketing leaders must incorporate benchmarks into their dashboards, providing context for insight generation and actionable analysis. Gartner for Marketers has the tools and insights to establish the fundamentals for identifying and using benchmark data to drive business goals.

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    A pyramid graphic displaying how benchmarks fit into the hierarchy of metrics.

    Prove your success through benchmarking

    Benchmark and measure your marketing spend, maturity and organization against your peers and competitors to deliver positive business goals and establish yourself and your business in the marketplace.

    Marketing Metrics Insights you can use

    Gartner's benchmarking capabilities and tools deliver unbiased comparisons of marketing performance relative to your peers and those considered best-in-class. Benchmarks can help you assess your organization's performance to ensure you continuously drive value and can help identify opportunities for improving performance. A good benchmarking process is key for any CMO or marketer, and Gartner has the process and the tools to help.

    Prioritize the right investments and objectives

    On the scale of nascent to master, where does your organization stand? Evaluate your organization’s marketing maturity to reveal gaps between where you are and where you want to go. See how you stack up across nine digital competencies.

    Assess Your Marketing Maturity

    Benchmark your investments and priorities against your peers and competitors

    Stay competitive with best-in-class brands and action on data, insights and predictions to help you lead confidently.

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