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In 2020, CMOs must establish marketing at the center of the business strategy as the organization looks to differentiate itself

Benchmarking against your peers and competitors is an essential priority for the CMO when developing strategy and budget. But much deeper than budget allocation are strategic priorities, organization alignment and metrics for specialized programs, such as personalization, innovation and customer experience. These drivers of investment are important cross-functionally in indicating the success of marketing and how that sits in the broader enterprise.

Working with Gartner has been a tremendous experience. Being the new CMO of Time Inc., I was trying to bring in new strategies and innovation, along with exploring new revenue channels for the organization. Gartner equipped me with the best practices that other organizations were performing. Although there was a lack of resources in-house, Gartner was always available as a team and helped me make the right decisions in marketing new launches.

Leslie Doty

Former CMO, Time Inc.

How we address your top challenges

Digital transformation, increased competition and changing economic times are triggering major shifts in thinking and practice. We’re here to guide you. We’ll help evolve your leadership by prioritizing strategic initiatives and restructuring your function’s organization design, ensuring you get the most out of your vendors and technologies, and benchmarking your brand’s digital health to support digital transformation.

Benchmark your Marketing Budget

Get detailed insight into your peers’ marketing strategy and investment plans and access the data you need to lead confidently in 2020.  Gartner will help you prioritize your strategic initiatives across many facets of your role, including organization and operations, martech, paid media spend, and data and analytics.  Develop an impactful marketing strategy that’s focused on both near-term results and long-term growth while answering your top strategic budgeting questions.

Organize for Digital Agility

Marketing teams seeking greater agility and responsiveness struggle to both access the right capabilities and implement effective organizational and operational models. In the quest for modernization and evolution, Gartner can assist marketing leaders in providing thorough analyses and actionable tools to establish good team foundations and help place attention on the design of an agile team focused on accountability.

Kick-start your Marketing Strategy

70% of executives express low confidence in their ability to translate strategy into action. Often, strategic marketing plans don’t measure up or become to difficult to execute. Gartner provides you with hands-on tools, templates and guidance to build a successful strategic plan for marketing that promotes initiatives to drive enterprise productivity, innovation and growth. 

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Highlights from Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo™ 2019

Catch up on the top insights and trends that CMOs and marketing leaders were talking about at this year’s Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo™. How are you marketing to Gen Z? Does your marketing strategy prioritize help? How do you build a genius marketing organization? Get the insights from Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2019 to understand the top trends that marketers are caring about now.

We went out to San Diego, and the term we always use is that ‘the light seemed to go on’ for us at that point in time.

Jim Pendergast

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience, AARP

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