The Digital IQ Index Genius Brands

An annual ranking of brands based on digital investments and performance. The top-ranked are considered the “Genius” Brands.

Do you know what makes a brand “Genius”?

There is a set of characteristics that makes a brand a Genius brand, based on the Gartner Digital IQ Index, an annual ranking of brands’ digital performance, maturity and digital investments. 

This year, Gartner indexed 1,360 brands, of which only 45 brands earned the Genius rank.

Use the 2022 Genius Brands research to discover the brands that earned the ranking, and get insights into their digital performance and what makes them a Genius Brand. 

This research, based on the Digital IQ Index:

  • Reveals the Genius Brands. 
  • Highlights the attributes, including digital competence, that make them Genius.
  • Unveils how Genius Brands operate in every major industry.
  • Records the brand profiles of some of the Genius Brands.

Discover the 2022 Genius Brands

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    Webinar: Gartner 2021-2022 Genius Brands — Achievement in Digital Marketing Excellence

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    Attend our upcoming complimentary webinar to learn which are the 3% brands that made it to the Genius and discover how you can amp up your marketing strategy, especially digital performance.

    The 2022 Digital IQ Index Genius Brands research provides inspiration for how early and ongoing digital branding and investments can enable growth in an uncertain environment. This research is more than just a list — it’s a tool that can help CMOs and marketing leader(s) like you to evaluate your brand’s current health and investments and take the necessary actions to make it to the top by catalyzing more strategic conversations within your organization. 

    FAQs on Genius Brands

    Gartner measures hundreds of data points across four dimensions of digital in a quest to quantify a brand's digital aptitude and digital maturity relative to its industry peers. The best of the best brands are ranked as Genius Brands.

    In 2022, Gartner indexed 1,360 brands for the Digital IQ studies. Total scores fall into one of five classes: Genius, Gifted, Average, Challenged and Feeble. Only 45 of the 1,360 brands have earned the Genius rank — just 3% of analyzed brands.

    Download our research or listen to our webinar to discover what makes a Genius Brand according to Digital IQ.