Mobile Marketing

Reach customers and prospects at any time, from purchase to ownership and advocacy

Design and deploy a solid, data-driven mobile marketing strategy

Mature mobile marketers rate mobile as one of the top effective channels across all phases of the customer journey. How do they succeed? By identifying the people, processes and technologies they need to build a clear, definitive mobile strategy. Successful mobile marketing starts with a solid understanding of your customers’ mobile preferences. This requires investment in mobile marketing analytics. A strategy grounded in analytics will enable your mobile marketing efforts to activate, or be activated by, other elements in the marketing organization. 

How we address your top challenges

A mobile-optimized marketing strategy engages customers and prospects on their preferred mobile device, enabling unique, real-time communication options. Successful marketing teams fully exploit their customers’ use of smartphones and mobile devices to reach them on their terms and to meet their expectations for all engagements.

Our research will help you answer the following top questions:

  • How do I identify my mobile marketing strategy: Mobile extender or mobile-centric?
  • How do I develop a process for identifying and implementing new mobile technologies and techniques?
  • What role does mobile play in a successful multichannel marketing strategy?
  • How can I use analytics to measure activity to create relevant and profitable engagement?

How we work with you

Our experts, backed by unbiased data, will help you identify and mature your mobile strategy and build the right components for your marketing technology stack.

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