TV Advertising for Dynamic Audiences

How are you planning your marketing campaigns?

Ad space continues to grow among digital video and on-demand services, but is there still room for traditional TV advertising? In order to know what’s right for the audience, marketing leaders must first identify and understand how to capitalize on each method.

Marketing has never seen a more dynamic audience landscape, and while fragmented, the opportunities should not be ignored. Learn how to plan, execute and measure the right TV ad campaigns for the right audience.

Over-the-Top TV Advertising Opportunities

A new, younger audience is emerging through on-demand TV. See how marketing leaders are capitalizing on this growing market with their advertising campaigns.

Percentage breakdown of ad revenue by media owner from January to June 2018
Younger audiences are harder to reach through linear TV.

How to Put Over-the-Top TV Advertising to Work

In order to tap into the streaming video audience, top marketers understand and plan for execution and measurement challenges.

How to Get the Most Out of Addressable TV Advertising

There are nuances to using traditional TV advertising, but it’s still an effective method. Marketers must decide how and where it fits into their TV ad campaign strategy.

Integrated video planning spans three media categories: traditional TV, advanced TV, and digital video.

Webinar June 03, 2019 10:00 a.m. EDT

Capitalize on Streaming TV With Over-the-Top (OTT) Advertising

Your traditional TV advertising approach is not working. Increasingly, U.S. consumers view their content by over-the-top streaming (OTT) and connected TV (CTV). In fact, a substantial and growing segment of young adults is now only reachable through streaming, and not via traditional pay TV services. As always, advertising spend follows the eyeballs. Credible estimates peg the U.S. 2019 OTT media spend at nearly $4 billion, with annual growth rates exceeding 40%. Rapid growth looks poised to continue, fueled by advertiser demand and a flurry of new streaming services ready to hit the market, most notably from Disney, NBCU, and AT&T’s WarnerMedia. This complimentary marketing webinar provides practical informative advice for marketing and advertising leaders who want to make the most of the streaming TV and video market opportunity.