Media Registration

Press registration

Members of the media may register for complimentary passes to any Gartner conference by contacting the Media Relations department. The media relations associate in the region where the conference will be held can assist you in registering for the conference. Please be prepared to provide one or more of the following: Photo identification, copies of recent (past six months) bylined stories, a copy of your publication's masthead identifying you as part of the editorial staff or, for freelance reporters, a letter/memo outlining a specific story assignment from a publication. 

If registering on-site at the conference, please bring a business card or employment documentation.

Registered members of the media will have full access to all exhibit halls, keynote addresses and conference sessions.

Lodging and any other conference-specific information can be found on the particular conference page.

Media qualifications for Gartner conferences

Media credentials for all Gartner conferences will be issued only to full-time representatives of daily and weekly newspapers and periodicals and to recognized national and international news services. Credentials will not be issues to account representatives, sales executives, book authors or representatives of personal websites.

Public Relations Contact