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Myke Hawkins

As SVP and global sales leader at Kelly Services, Myke Hawkins leads the global sales force in driving innovative workforce solutions for Kelly’s largest clients, accelerating company growth and building a world-class sales culture and team. Myke is accountable for overseeing sales and consulting professionals in over 15 countries within global solutions, a division that comprises more than three-quarters of Kelly Services’ global revenue. He specializes in change management, leadership development, market disruption, strategy architecture and building high-performing growth functions.

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Lessons in Sales Leadership

Hosted by: Brent Adamson

Go inside the minds of top chief sales officers. What are their stories? Their challenges? What drives them to succeed? On Lessons in Sales Leadership, sales and marketing guru Brent Adamson interviews heads of sales about the decisions they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned on their journey to success as a sales leader.