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Vivek Swaminathan

Vivek Swaminathan is the Practice Leader for the IT Leadership Council for Midsized Companies at CEB, now Gartner. This team supports a peer network of 750 CIOs at midsized companies through a portfolio of tools, benchmarks and case studies tailored to resource-constrained IT organizations. Critically, teams that face similar challenges as larger companies need innovative and actionable solutions to deliver the same results with fewer people. Prior to taking on leadership of the program, Mr. Swaminathan served in a number of research and advisory roles supporting IT teams within the CEB, now Gartner network. Mr. Swaminathan began his CEB career as a Research Associate, where he developed research for heads of PMO and Applications, focusing on project management and talent. In 2009, Mr. Swaminathan transitioned to an executive advisory role within the CEB IT Leadership Council for Midsized Companies. During this time at CEB, now Gartner, Mr. Swaminathan has led countless advisory conversations, tailored workshops and leadership briefings for CIOs and other senior IT executives. Mr. Swaminathan provided onsite and remote consulting for ERP clients in government and public sector for PeopleSoft HR and Financials software implementations.

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