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Bard Papegaaij | Research Vice President

Bard Papegaaij is a Research Vice President for Gartner’s Office of the CIO group. With over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, including CIO, CTO and IT management roles, Mr. Papegaaij delivers CIOs and IT leaders IT advice and guidance to help them improve their personal and professional success in delivering exceptional business results while building their personal, interpersonal, and leadership skills and capabilities. Focus areas for his research are: Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Skills, Culture and Cultural Change, Creating a Motivated and Engaged Workforce in the Digital Age, and Branding. Before joining Gartner, Mr. Papegaaij was a director of Transgrowth International Pty. Ltd., a company focusing on training and coaching executives and IT professionals in emotional intelligence, strategic collaboration and personal effectiveness skills (e.g., influence, communication, collaboration). His professional career before Gartner spans 25 years in a variety of roles, including CIO, CTO and business management positions. In his consulting career, he has worked for many different organizations, ranging from local SMBs to multinational corporations and the public sector. Mr. Papegaaij has published books and articles on Machine Translation and Enterprise Architecture, and has considerable experience as a press commentator, speaker and workshop presenter. He is a member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

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