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Marty Resnick | Senior Director Analyst

Marty Resnick is a Research Director on Gartner's Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation team based in Atlanta, GA (USA). Mr. Resnick's primary focus is on the role of the Enterprise Architect in the selection, recommendation and implementation of emerging technologies (e.g. virtual reality and augmented reality), as well as, the use of methodologies such as Agile and Design Thinking for use in ideation, innovation and achieving business outcomes.

Kevin Gabbard | Senior Principal, Research

Kevin Gabbard is a Senior Principal at Gartner. Mr. Gabbard worked on consumer insights. His major responsibilities included project management, research design, cost and impact analysis, cognitive interviewing, cognitive task analysis, model development, appreciative inquiry, and white paper and knowledge development.

Steve Shapiro | Senior Specialist

Steve Shapiro is a Senior Specialist at Gartner. Mr. Shapiro writes for Gartner’s NewsDesk and covers corporate strategy and enterprise risk management with a focus on topics like geopolitical risk, scenario planning, foresight and complexity. Before joining Gartner, Mr. Shapiro worked as a journalist and energy analyst.

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