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Tad Travis | Director

Tad Travis is a Director in Gartner Research. Mr. Travis is responsible for the CRM Sales research agenda, which includes the sales force automation (SFA), the lead management, and the sales performance management (SPM) Magic Quadrants. He has extensive knowledge of SFA systems, sales enablement tools, sales incentive compensation, quota management and sales analytics. He has additional expertise in CRM strategy, CRM governance, B2B customer experience strategy, end-user adoption programs, end-user training, customer success programs and change management. Mr. Travis has more than 18 years of experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining Gartner, he served as a Customer Success Manager and Application Architect at, where he guided more than 100 clients with their implementations and governance programs. He owned post-sales business relationships with executives of enterprise-level clients and provided valuable strategic advice on vision definition, adoption metrics, governance processes, roadmap planning, ROI analysis and business process best practices. Prior to, he managed the CRM and BI sales operations processes at Solvay Pharmaceuticals and served as a CRM consultant at several CRM vendors.

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