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Alexander Linden

Alexander Linden is a Research VP, specializing in data science, machine learning and advanced algorithms. Dr. Linden helps clients with making buy vs. built vs. outsource decisions, various themes of data science governance, and aims to track the cutting edge in machine learning and artificial intelligence. (Note: Despite good conceptual understanding, my coverage does not include conversational interface, Q&A systems, chat bots). Prior to rejoining Gartner, Dr. Linden was an entrepreneur, advising The World Bank and Fraunhofer, and he founded two companies himself, one of which,, is still at the forefront of applying microwork (crowdsourcing) to text and image analytics, metadata extraction, and open innovation. Dr. Linden had his first stint at Gartner from 1998 to 2006, where he left as Research VP, Emerging Technologies. During that time, he was worldwide lead on advanced analytics, data mining and semantic technologies, and he initiated Gartner’s ongoing series of annual Hype Cycle special reports. Before that, Dr. Linden assumed various midlevel to senior roles at GE and Dresdner Bank as a Data Scientist.

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