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Michelle Bazargan | Sr Director, Advisory

Michelle Bazargan is a Sr. Director Strategy and Innovation in Gartner's Research and Advisory group. Ms. Bazargan inspires leaders to re-invent their future business models through sustainable strategies that will keep them competitive in the long-term. She believes the truth behind the buzzwords labeled as the "big resignation" or "war on talent" is the collective human reflection and consciousness of what we want out of our lives and living! Especially when we spend majority of our energy at work, employees are looking for meaningful work beyond salaries, titles, checkboxes, and metrics. This shift has a major impact to organizations, the way we create, run our business models, staff our workforce and so much more. We have now completely shifted to an "outward in" collective creation versus "inward" us and them business mindset. People are more aware and looking for organizations that are authentic and walk the talk around innovation, diversity, sustainability, and flexible work locations. She is fueled by the mindset that purpose-driven businesses are particularly well-positioned to tackle the world's biggest problems. She inspires leaders and organizations to see the art of the possible by introducing the latest market trends and business innovations. Collaboration through shared intelligence and diversity of thoughts are what drives creativity and competitive edge. This is accomplished by the combination of ecosystems and product innovation methods, which is what it takes to bring breakthrough ideas to life. Her continuing dedication to shaping the future of business stems from her diverse leadership and technology background spanning startups and complex enterprise organizations. More importantly, she is a huge advocate for continuous learning and inquisitive curiosity.

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