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Brian Burke | Research Vice President

Brian Burke is Research VP for Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation with more than 20 years in that role. Mr. Burke's research focuses primarily on enterprise architecture, emerging technologies and innovation management. He is the chairperson for Gartner 2019 IT Symposium/Xpo in South Africa and he is the author of the 2014 book "Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things."

Nick Heudecker | VP Analyst

Nick Heudecker researches data management for Gartner's IT Leaders (ITL) Data and Analytics group. Mr. Heudecker offers guidance to information management leaders, information architects, CIOs and Chief Data Officers on data infrastructure for operations and analytics, as well as information management strategy. Additionally, he covers real-time analytics, in-memory technologies, and the acquisition and management of open-source software.

Svetlana Sicular | VP Analyst

Svetlana Sicular is a thought leader at the intersection of data and AI. She is convinced that a human plus AI is smarter than either by themselves. Ms. Sicular is passionate about bringing machine learning to domain experts and helping organizations successfully compete by applying their business acumen to analytics and data science. Her current research interests focus on the ongoing shift from data to insights; augmented intelligence as the most exciting part of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the human role in the digital economy. Ms. Sicular pioneered augmented intelligence, big data and big data analytics research at Gartner. She developed important, now commonly recognized ideas: multidisciplinary data science teams, the role of Chief Data Officer, use-case-based architecture, information governance in the age of AI and personal analytics.

Sylvain Fabre | Sr Director Analyst

Sylvain Fabre is a Senior Director, Analyst in the Communications Technologies team within the Industries Research group at Gartner. Mr. Fabre leads the story line around telecommunications and CSPs. His current research interests include 5G, mobile private networks and edge computing within telecommunications. He is also a Complex Vendor Lead Analyst for Nokia, a role that entails ensuring a balanced and fair coverage across Gartner Research and appropriate visibility of our relevant research for the vendor.

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