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Rick Holgate | Research Director

H. Richard Holgate is a Research Director supporting government CIOs generally and specifically in the U.S. Federal Government. He covers topics including digital government; cloud; blockchain; mobility; digital workplace; information (cyber) security; IT procurement; shared services; case management; and legacy system modernization. Dr. Holgate served as Assistant Director for Science & Technology and Chief Information Officer at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF), where he was responsible for strategy, planning, management, and delivery of ATF’s IT and forensic services. He oversaw all aspects of IT services, systems and security for ATF’s 7,500 users. Within the forensic services portfolio, he led ATF’s financial investigative services and oversaw ATF’s three forensic science laboratories and its fire research laboratory. He was also responsible for formulating and executing an overall technology strategy in support of ATF’s mission and served on the Department of Justice CIO Council. Dr. Holgate also served as the President of the American Council for Technology (ACT), has been a member of the Federal CIO’s Digital Services Advisory Group, and was the government co-chair of the ACT Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Advanced Mobility Working Group. Dr. Holgate was also the Executive Assistant Director for Information Technology and Command Information Officer at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), where he was responsible for: delivery of IT services to NCIS’s more than 2,400 employees worldwide; transition of NCIS to the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI); management of NCIS’s application portfolio; and IT strategy and planning. Prior to joining NCIS, Dr. Holgate was employed as a Senior Manager with BearingPoint, where he fulfilled a variety of responsibilities, including all aspects of project management, team management and business development. His clients included many organizations across the Department of Defense. He also worked at The Mitre Corporation, where he supported the Air Force, Army and intelligence community on issues related to, respectively: base realignment and closure and environmental restoration; chemical weapons demilitarization; and arms control verification.

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