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Joe Skorupa | Distinguished VP Analyst

Joe Skorupa is a Research VP/Distinguished Analyst within the Gartner for General Managers team where he advises senior leaders at technology and service providers. He covers strategic matters such as product plans, go-to-market/positioning, partnerships and M&A. Mr. Skorupa also advises end users on network architectures, technology acquisition and vendor negotiation. His area of focus is disruptive market forces, whether technology, business model or broader geopolitical, economic or social factors. From a market/technology perspective, his current research focuses on the impact of digital business transformation and edge computing on the WAN Edge/branch office and data center networks. Mr. Skorupa leads Gartner's research on SD-WAN, intent-based networking and disaggregated NOS/Brite Box. He also covers SDN/network virtualization. He also covers data center network fabrics, networking for HCSI and WAN optimization.

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